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Reasons to fall in love on your vacation!

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  • Nov 02, 2012, 13:52 PM IST
Reasons to fall in love on your vacation!, travel news in English

travel news in English

Kiara took a break from work to visit some of the most exotic locations in Europe. She met Steven at a bar in Madrid and fell head over heels in love with him. She had to give herself a week’s time to absorb the fact that she was in love with a man from a foreign land and was nothing but a stranger to her.

Kiara is not an exception. Falling in love on a vacation is as normal as the Sun rising in the east.
Overwhelms of visiting an alien land, living amidst a new culture and meeting new people takes a toll on certain people. What can be more divine than meeting the girl of your dreams or your prince charming in an unfamiliar land? Emotions run high and the cupid strikes. We will simplify it for you and play cupid here. Stating some reasons to fall in love on a vacation.

1. Want to lean a foreign language, fall in love. Learn the language of your loved one from him or her exclusively. It will just be a matter of weeks when you will command it too.

2. You will turn into a cultural anthropologist. Experience the alien culture first hand. New traditions, culture and customs can be best learnt about when you indulge in them. Dating someone from the unfamiliar land gives you that choice.

3. Imagine getting married to him or her. You will definitely get amazing visa benefits.

4. You will get to hear that sexy accent every day. Wasn't it was the first thing which attracted you to him/her. Plus you get to invent a new one yourself.

5. Last but not the least, love is a beautiful feeling. In love in a foreign land is romance on a silver


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