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Meet Sachin Tendulkar’s family, his ‘pillar of strength’

  • Bhaskar News
  • May 27, 2013, 08:48 AM IST
Mumbai: Come 24th April and Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar will be all of 40. The 40-year-old master batsman, icon for many and idolized by all, can surely look back to a life well lived. In these years he has broken many records, won numerous honours and shone with a brilliance few of his colleagues can rival.
The journey has not been easy. But through his ups and downs there has been one person who has stood by him like a rock- his wife Anjali.
Controversy over his relationship with his coach, bad batting performances, snubbed and even written off at intervals by the media and experts, Sachin has seen it all. 
He remains to this day, perhaps the obnly star of his stature who has never been known to lose his cool. That’s perhaps because he always returns home to a loving family that calms him in the worst of times like nothing else can. 
Tendulkar himself has said that he always makes sure to vent his anger and frustration only at home. That’s perhaps the reason he can always smile in the face of the worst bouncers and even the deadliest and rudest, in some cases, have never been known to bear a grudge against him. However hard he hits them around the field, even rival team bowlers seem to be enjoying it.
The one single reason behind his famous on field super amiable persona is his wonderful family- his lovely wife Anjali and trhe apples of his eyes-daughter Sara and son Arjun.
Click slides to check out photographs of Sachin’s pillar of strength-his family.
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