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Unbelievable: Kids as young as 8 take to stunts atop train roofs, give sleepless nights to cops

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  • Aug 12, 2013, 12:51 PM IST
Unbelievable: Kids as young as 8 take to stunts atop train roofs, give sleepless nights to cops, mumbai news in English

mumbai news in English

Mumbai:With over dozens of YouTube videos to attest to, people performing stunts atop Mumbai local trains is nothing new. What’s alarming is that kids as young as eight have been found travelling on top of local trains and performing fatal stunts.


The young offenders are giving sleepless nights to Mumbai police officials, who have introduced ‘counselling sessions’ for their parents.


According to reports, the new method involves a three-pronged strategy depending on the offender's age. For those between 8 and 12 years old, cops call in their parents for counselling. Those between 12 and 18 face a similar fate - in addition to Rs 500 fine. Offenders over the age of 18 must pay the fine and also appear in court.


Between January and July 2013, 2,190 people were booked for rooftop travel and performing stunts on trains. In the past three days, 131 more have been booked, including 71 on Sunday alone.


Teen dies while performing stunt on train rooftop


In an alarming 61th incident of a train stunt since Friday, a 19-year-old lost his life after he was electrocuted while performing stunts on the rooftop of a Mumbai local near Tilak Nagar station.


A TOIreport said: The deceased, Shamsher Alam Sheikh, had climbed onto the roof of a Central Railway local along with two of his friends at Mankhurd, said eyewitnesses. Sheikh came in contact of a live overhead wire and was electrocuted on the stretch between Chembur and Tilak Nagar stations. He was brought down at Tilak Nagar station and taken to Sion Hospital where he was declared dead. He had sustained more than 80% burns, said sources.


Sheikh's two friends disappeared into the crowd when the train stopped, eyewitnesses said. Harbour line services were delayed because of the incident and trains were running late by half an hour, sources said. Sheikh used to work as a tailor and was a resident of Shivaji Nagar, Govandi.


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