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Naveen Jindal sticks to his guns on 'Tiranga Bangles', Tharoor retracts

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  • Feb 06, 2013, 12:25 PM IST
Naveen Jindal sticks to his guns on 'Tiranga Bangles', Tharoor retracts, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi: Industrialist and MP Naveen Jindal is in news again. And this time, it is because of the 'Tiranga Bangles' he launched some days ago. 

Jindal has been facing criticism for his promotion of the Tiranga bangle which he claims has been treated with what is termed the 'Tri-Vortex technology' and has therapeutic effects. (Naveen Jindal responds: Never said Tiranga Bangle is a 'magic cure')

"I like the Trivortex bangle I wear and hav experienced the benefit from it n want others to benefit also if they want :)", Jindal said on his official Twitter page in response to a television anchor's tweet.

Apparently, the technology 'uses advance science and physics (properties of sound, light and geometry), which have been shown to be beneficial for health,' claims the Jindal's Flag Foundation of India website. 

 "The powerful energy fields of the Tiranga Bangle are believed to create a flowing molecular structure that gives energy, vitality, balance and relief from pain."

The site claims those who have tried the bangle have 'shared feedback of their positive experiences'. 

Positive effects of the bangle include cellular coherence, improve detoxification, accelerated healing, increased strength, better balance, reduction of muscle or systemic pain, the site claims. 
"It is said to be beneficial to all including athletes as well as the elderly, who lose balance in the process of moving and stabilising simultaneously. 
"Athletes have reported significant and beneficial improvement in performance and recovery from sports injuries," the site adds.
Tharoor distances himself from 'Tiranga Bangle'
Jindal's friend and fellow Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was also present at the launch ceremony. Tharoor later made a statement clarifying that he was present at the launch at the request of his friend Jindal and does not endorse the claims associated with the product.
This is what Tharoor wrote on his website-
“I am writing in response to your query regarding the Tri-Vortex technology and the Tiranga copper bangle.
I had accepted a request from my friend and fellow Member of Parliament, Naveen Jindal, as founder and head of the Flag Foundation of India, to launch a new “Tiranga bangle”. In accepting, I was merely obliging a friend, as indeed is a common practice.
I have the highest respect for Mr Jindal and his excellent work promoting our national flag. Nonetheless, let me clarify that my launching the product does not in any way amount to an endorsement of any of the claims associated with it. I do believe that a scientific temper requires that any claims of health benefits be tested empirically before being accepted or dismissed."



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