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Now, Facebook posts fake 'likes', 'related stories' on your behalf

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  • Jan 25, 2013, 15:01 PM IST
Now, Facebook posts fake 'likes', 'related stories' on your behalf, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi: Have you been noticing a lot of your friends 'liking' or recommending articles on companies in your newsfeed? Do these 'likes' seem unusual coming from your friends? If yes, then here's reason to not click the links and scrol down instead for less unusual and more 'in-character' updates. (Also read: Top ten disastrous TV ad campaigns)
Facebook has pulled another of its tricks on its users. This time, it is recycling 'Likes' and posting 'Related Posts' on behalf of users, without seeking permission from them or notifying them about it. 
These updates start getting posted as soon as you 'Like' a company on Facebook. In other words, 'liking' a company or brand on Facebook means it can post anything on your behalf, without your permission, and with no way of you ever knowing they posted on your behalf. 
Once you 'Like' a company or brand on Facebook, they can post any 'Related Post' with your name attached. This post is completely invisible to yourself, and you can never take it down. It is only when somebody in your friend list informs you about it that you can get to know such a post has been shared on your behalf.
A Forbes.com article says Facebook is justifying its latest tactic to promote advertisers by saying the accompanying text saying "Related" or "Sponsored" makes the move entirely fair. 
"But to the untrained eye of the average Facebook user, these posts look like any other," says Forbes author Anthony Wing Kosner.




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