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Shocking: Students stripped in school in the name of ragging, principal uses 'dirty language' for girls

  • Zahid Mir, Bhaskar News
  • Aug 19, 2013, 08:31 AM IST

Bhopal: Ragging is turning out to be the biggest nightmare for Bhopal students, especially girls. Recently, suicide of B Pharma student Anita Sharma of RKDF college rocked the city, leading to arrest of four senior girl students and an associate professor of the college. The arrests followed shocking revelations by the student Anita Sharma, in her suicide note. She blamed ragging by her seniors and a teacher for ending her life. But, now it appears that a large number of students are being subjected to ragging everyday in the city, and more students are on the verge of taking the extreme step of committing suicide.


If you think only schools students are being subjected to ragging then think again. Just like RKDF student, another girl wanted to commit suicide. This time the girl is a school student.


This girl could not tolerate the allegations leveled against her character. Sadly, a large number of girls are being subjected to regular humiliations. Students are stripped of their clothes, and girls are regularly humiliated. Principal of the school allegedly uses 'dirty language for girls' say most of the girls.


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