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Buses on Indore BRTS route to offer dream journey

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  • Jul 24, 2011, 05:28 AM IST
Buses on Indore BRTS route to offer dream journey, indore news in English

indore news in English

Indore: An almost dream journey is in the offing. Or, so it would appear, if you read its facilities. No red signals to stop your bus, no conductor to pester you for ticket and advanced information about you destination in the bus itself.

These services will soon be available in the buses set to ply on the BRTS corridor from Niranjanpur square in the north to the Rajiv Gandhi square in the south.

High tech facilities will be provided in the buses through global environment facility fund.

The buses will ply on the same BRTS corridor. The facilities will be developed with an investment of Rs 47 crores.

A total 50 specially equipped and air-conditioned buses will ply on this corridor apart from 125 low- floor buses.

In the first phase, the plan is being implemented on a stretch of 11.7 km on the AB Road from Nrianjanpur square to the Rajiv Gandhi. A total 22 bus stations will be there on the stretch.

These buses as well as the junctions will have high tech facilities including advanced signal system with transit signal priority, automated fare collection system, network surveillance and CCTV cameras, traveler information through vehicle management system and signs and traffic management center for centralized operations control.

Under the transit signal facility, the buses will be given priority. Traffic will be managed in such a way that as soon as the bus comes in proximity of 100 meters from the signal it will automatically turn green.

Under the automated fare collection system, electromagnetic tickets will be issued and check gates will open automatically as soon as the commuter brings the ticket closer.

Pre paid smart cards will also be issued. And there will be separate queues for the passengers who are having these smart cards. These zones will be known as paid zone and non- paid zone.

Using close circuit surveillance cameras, a close eye on the entire traffic will be kept to ensure smooth commutation.

Apart form this through the vehicle management system LCD displays will be used to display information which is useful for the passengers such as next bus, bus stop, duration in which the bus will arrive etc. Powered with global positioning system and global information system, a centralized operations control will be developed.

Sub-divisional magistrate Gautam Singh said, "With its implementation this will provide high-tech facilities to the commuters. The works for installation of these devices is interconnected with the other works like road construction and bus purchase and will go on simultaneously".

On July 27, the sites for junctions would be identified, he added.

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