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Shivani murder case: Doctor weeps as he recounts horror inflicited by parents

  • Bhaskar News
  • Feb 23, 2013, 02:52 AM IST
Indore:The trial in the monstrous killing of six-year old Shivani by her own foster parents, Rajesh and Baby, began on Thursday in Indore. The trial by a fast-track court even continued on Friday, with 12 witnesses testifying in two days.
Dr AK Rastogi, who conducted the post-mortem of Shivani, gave his assent to horrendous allegations of torture, rape and every other imaginable brutality which Rajesh and his wife inflicted upon the victim. Rastogi also revealed that some iron instruments were found inside the girl’s stomach, which either were given by the accused or were eaten by the girl. Around 31 brutal injury marks were discovered on her body, along with other small injuries. Rastogi also said that six-year old was being raped by Rajesh for five months before she succumbed to her horror in September 2012. The doctor wept as he narrated the plight of the innocent girl.

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