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Efforts on to save injured leopard, suffers paralysis

  • DNA
  • Apr 21, 2013, 05:49 AM IST

Indore: Indore Zoo, presently busy saving critically injured female leopard, has attended more than 1,000 wild animals in the last three years.


Zoo in charge Dr Uttam Yadav talking to DNA said that the female leopard which was brought to the zoo on Saturday was dehydrated and suffered paralysis in hind portion.


"Exact physical status of the leopard would be known after one week," Dr Yadav claimed.


He added that not only forest rescue teams but aware members of public also bring injured or ill wild animals to zoo.


The veterinary expert regarding status of another leopard brought from Simhasa village, said that the feline has recuperated and would be released in Satpura forest reserve after April 23.


The zoo in charge said that the zoo has attended more than 1,000 wild animals including peacocks, langoors, hyenas, wild cats etc. Almost 90% of these wild animals were saved, he claimed.


Injured hyenas are also brought to the zoo in large numbers from Dewas area and in initial four months alone, 10 hyenas have been brought here.


The zoo attends wild animals injured in fights or accidents from Indore and nearby areas.


Such ailing wild inhabitants are also brought to the zoo from neighbouring areas like Jhabua, Dewas, Khargone and Khandwa.


Sources claimed that with dearth of veterinary hospitals in the region and reluctance of government veterinary experts in treating wild animals, Indore zoo remains only option for bringing such animals.


A senior forest officer wishing anonymity said that several of these injured animals fall in endangered category so government veterinary experts avoid treating them for skipping legal hassles of Wildlife Protection Act.


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