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Indore: Water shortage likely for next two days

  • DNA
  • Dec 05, 2012, 04:06 AM IST
Indore: Residents are likely to face water shortage for the next few days as Jalud pumping station that supplies water to the city will be shutdown till Dec 7. 
The Indore Municipal Corporation has however assured that adequate arrangements have been made to overcome the shortage.
The pumping station will be shutdown to enable it to be connected to Narmada Water Project. In the first phase of this project, the city will get 80 MLD water. The whole process will take four days to complete. At presently, the city is getting 90 MLD water from the Narmada river, which is not enough to meet the demand of residents. 
The government had sanctioned a three-phase Narmada Water Project from which city would get a total of 260 MLD water after the third phase starts functioning. 
While 80 MLD water will be supplied through the first phase, the decision to start supply of rest 180 MLD water will be taken at later stage. 
Executive engineer of Narmada Project, Dharmendra Verma said that the shutdown will continue till Dec but denied that city will face any water shortage during this duration a Indore Municipal
Corporation (IMC) had filled the water tanks in Scheme 54 and 74 in advance. The adjacent areas will be provided water through IMC's water tankers, he added.
Verma further said that the process has been scheduled in public interest as the supply of additional 80 MLD water will help in solving water shortage in Annapurna and the adjacent areas of the city.


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