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Indore wonder kid Avi Sharma has better IQ than Einstein

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  • Nov 18, 2012, 04:41 AM IST
Indore wonder kid Avi Sharma has better IQ than Einstein, indore news in English

indore news in English

Indore: Three-year-old child prodigy Avi Sharma had crammed 60 English and Hindi poems when he was just two and half year old and he can recite complex Sanskrit shlokas with aplomb, claimed his parents Amit and Vinita Sharma in a press conference on Saturday. 
Clinical psychologist Dr Ajay Sharma, who tested Avi's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) , claimed it far surpassed the most renowned intellectuals the world has known so far including Stephen Hawkins,
Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte. 
With IQ of 160, Avi is the most exceptionally gifted child in intellect, Dr Sharma added. 
Avi, a resident of Saket, is a nursery student. He was born on June 23, 2009.
Ajay Sharma said Avi's extraordinary mental abilities could be gauged by the fact that on an average, common man's IQ hovers between 85 and 115. According to Stanford Binet scale, only one percent population of the world has IQ above 135.
Even former US President Bill Gates (160), Stephen Hawkins (160), Albert Einstein (160), Sigmund Freud (156), Abraham Lincoln (150) and Napoleon Bonaparte (145) are behind Avi in terms of IQ, he further claimed. 
The wonder kid started exhibiting extraordinary mental ability since early age, as he crammed more than 60 Hindi and English poems. He also recited Mahamritunjaya mantra, shani mantra, hanuman stuti, sai stuti, gayatari mantra and ganesha stuti. 
Avi has fair amount of knowledge about traffic lights and ATMs too.
Like elders, he plays mind puzzles and games in laptop and enjoys games using both the hands simultaneously on the keyboard.
The kid possesses amazing memory and can tell about the company or any bank's name by just having a glance at the icon, Dr Sharma said. 
Avi's mother Vinita Sharma said that someone suggested for an IQ test when she planned to get Avi admitted in a school.
Following this, Dr Ajay Sharma conducted an IQ test on Avi and told the parents that he is a gifted child with an exceptional IQ.
However, Avi is no less than a challenge for her parents as he keeps asking 'cause and effect relationship' and never misses a chance to throw a query to his parents.


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