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Survey: 99 pc Indore women want their men clean shaven

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  • Dec 05, 2012, 03:44 AM IST
Survey: 99 pc Indore women want their men clean shaven, indore news in English

indore news in English

Indore:Ninety nine percent women in Indore want to see their men clean shaven, according to a survey conducted by Nielson India. Findings of the survey commissioned by a razor blade company were presented on Tuesday amid presence of its brand ambassador and film actor Chitragada Singh here. The survey included 10 cities including Indore. 
The survey exploded the myths that beard is a sign of macho man and stubble has sex appeal. It claimed that 83 percent of Indore women want their boyfriends/husbands to shave for evening.
"Evenings are important to us because that is the time our men spend time with us. If they can shave in the morning for their boss, why can't they do it for us in the evening? " Chitrangada crooned girls giggled and boys squirmed on the seats at a function here.
The Neilson India survey covered 1000 women and 500 men. It was done to understand the impact of evening stubble on level of intimacy shared by a couple. 
It claimed that around 73 per cent women in Indore find men less attractive in the night if their have stubble. Around 88 per cent women feel special if the boyfriends/husbands shave for them in the evening, the survey claimed.
" In spite of several requests men fail to understand importance of being well groomed in the evenings as well, especially since women make an effort for them ," Chitrangada claimed.
Clean shave also makes the women tick, the survey claimed, adding that 78% of women in Indore feel that a clean shaven man makes a date night more romantic. The women are also willing to enter into organized protests if it could persuade their husbands and boyfriends to shave twice a day.



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