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Welfare groups appeal for protection of Hindus in Pakistan

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  • Dec 13, 2012, 03:35 AM IST
Welfare groups appeal for protection of Hindus in Pakistan, indore news in English

indore news in English

Indore:President of city wing of BJP and the state general secretary of Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha Shankar Lalwani on Wednesday appealed to the United Nations Organisation, Government of Pakistan and Government of India to accomodate special provisions in the law for Hindu migrants.
The ‘demand’ was made after recent release of a study report by senior BJP leader, LK Advani on World Human Rights Day.
The report has been sent to Pakistan High Commissioner, World Human Rights Commission and to the Government of India. 
The report stated, "Following the laxity of the Pakistani government and indifferent attitude of major religious communities, Hindu families residing in Pakistan are facing a tough time. They are subjected to exploitation and humiliation and also suffer due to lack of employment opportunities.” 
Lalwani claimed that the report even said that the Hindus were helpless in Pakistan and they wanted to come and settle in India. 
“The Hindu families are left with only three options-- either they have to change the religion, leave the country or die. Hindu migrants are forced to give bribe at Indian Consulate to go to India. Besides, Indian government has increased the visa fee. We appeal United Nations Organisation to intervene in the matter and also urge the Government of India to soon provide citizenship to Hindu migrants residing here. The report has also been sent to Pakistan High-commissioner to take further action to solve problems of Hindu families residing there," said Lalwani.
The report was prepared by a study team led by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhni (Mumbai) to highlight the present condition of Hindu families in Pakistan. The team members visited the refugee camps erected in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan for the immigrants and collected vital inputs for the report. State chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan accepted that over 10,000 Hindu immigrants from Pakistan were living in Indore. He further urged the Centre to provide facilities and shelters for Pakistani Hindus, who wanted to come and settle in India. 
Indore has been a safe and favourable place for Pakistani Hindus. There are some areas which are full of immigrants as they get support from local politicians and the people of their communities to settle in the city. 
However, most of these families are yet to get Indian citizenships due to strict citizenship laws, lack of documentations and various other reasons.

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