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Indian Army to receive its first Rudra copter

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  • Jan 25, 2013, 20:43 PM IST
Indian Army to receive its first Rudra copter
The first weaponised ALH Dhruv armed helicopter, named Rudra, will formally receive certification next week. The Indian Army will receive its first Rudra at Aero India that kicks off on February 6 at the Yelahanka air force base in South India.
Photo courtesy: Shiv Aroor

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    Indian Army to receive its first Rudra copter

In his blog Livefist, journalist Shiv Aroor wrote, "Rudra can carry 48 70mm rockets. These rockets can be safely delivered at standoff ranges of more than 8 km. The turret mounted 20 mm cannons can be cued to the electro optical pod or the pilot's helmet. This provides Rudra immediate and accurate firepower against ground and aerial targets. Rudra can carry four air to air missiles. Any missile launched on the helicopter would be picked up by the self protection suite and effective countermeasures dispensed automatically. This makes Rudra practically unassailable."


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