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FDI debate LIVE: BJP opposes FEMA

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  • Dec 06, 2012, 12:07 PM IST
FDI debate LIVE: BJP opposes FEMA, politics news in English

politics news in English

New Delhi:A day after the FDI motion in Lok Sabha was defeated by 35 votes in initial counting, Finance Minister P Chidambaram expressed confidence and said that the debate on FDI in multi-brand retail will happen and the government will win vote in the Upper House. 
6:10pm:Congress leader Bhalchandra Mungekar attacked Venkaiah Naidu for his comments. Addressing BJP, he said if you claim you were out of power in 2004 because you wanted to implement FDI, why are you worried now? He said BJP should be happy because the UPA should be out of power over the implementation of FDI. 
5:50pm:BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu called a fellow member Bewakoof (stupid) giving rise to massive uproar in the house. Members of the Treasury Bench rushed to the front row of the House shouting slogans. Naidu concluded his speech, appealing to his colleagues to support the motion. 
5:30pm:BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu calls BSP and Congress allies, resulting in BSP chief Mayawati pouncing on the speaker. 
4:20pm: DMK leader Tiruchi Siva says DMK has never let down friends; will always be with UPA.
3:30pm:Samajwadi Party's Naresh Agarwal says the party is opposed to Wal-Mart and is here to speak for the traders of India. The party made its stand clear and said it will abstain from voting in the Rajya Sabha on the matter.
3:10pm: Yechury says FDI in retail is not beneficial for the country, this govt should rethink its decision to allow it.
3pm: Yechury asks when the natives are not able to develop a good infrastructure for storage how can foreign entities to the same?
2:55pm: CPI(M)'s Sitaram Yechury takes to the floor. Yechury says the government promised current for the farmers when nuclear deal was approved; now there is a power cut of 15-16 hours a day.
2:50pm: Mayawati says BSP will vote for UPA in Rajya Sabha.
2:50pm: Mayawati says we suggest that the centre try this policy out in some Congress-ruled states, see how the experience is in time-bound fashion.
2:40pm: Mayawati says we hope that FDI doesn't affect people of the country. We should see our domestic markets are not hit while allowing FDI. Govt shouldn't rush on allowing FDI in retail.
2:35pm: Mayawati says BJP's criticism reflects their furtration. 
2:35pm: BSP will not go with communal forces.
2:30 pm: Rajya Sabha resumes. Mayawati says we have never been afraid of the CBI nor of the Congress and BJP governments at the centre.
2:20pm: Rajya Sabha adjourned.
2:10pm:Mayawati says BJP used CBI against me to create Taj corridor case.
2:05pm: Mayawati says we are often accused of being under pressure from CBI. It's become fashionable for the opposition.
2pm: BSP Chief Mayawati takes to the floor. Mayawati says Sushma Swaraj made baseless allegations about BSP's stand on FDI in retail.
1:55pm: Jaitley says government's entire argument is based on deception and concoction.
1:50pm: Jaitley says you can force this policy but India will not accept it.
1:40pm: Jaitley says organised sector accounts for just 18% jobs in India.
1:30pm: Jaitley says bringing FDI will not improve the country's infrastructure.
1:25pm: Jaitley says FDI in retail will replace small middlemen with big middlemen.
1:20pm: Jaitley says there must be some reason why New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has not allowed Wal-Mart to open its stores.
1:18pm: Jaitley says despite being a home country of Wal-Mart, the US has not allowed it to open its stores in Manhattan.
1:17pm: Arun Jaitley says China can't be a role model for India. They had a much-reformed manufacturing sector before Wal-Mart was allowed in.
1:15pm:Jaitley says Lok Sabha win for the government is a false victory. FDI will lead to UPA's collapse.
1:10pm: Jaitley says we will cease to be a manufacturing nation, and will become a nation of traders.
1:05pm: Jaitley says when you are 18 short of majority, you cannot run the government as you please.
1pm: Jaitley says we need to see what will the government pay for its survival.  
12:55pm:I challenge Mr Kapil Sibal to get a store opened in his constituency and we'll see how he gets votes.
12:50pm: Jaitley says some parties abstained from voting because of political compulsions. Those who abstained during vote oppose FDI in their states.
12:50pm: Leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley takes to the floor. Jaitley says UPA is a lame duck government, even allies are opposing FDI
12:40pm: Ashwani Kumar says Consumers will benefit from FDI since they will have a wide range of products to choose from.
12:35pm: Law Minister Ashwani Kumar says FDI will benefit farmers. Kumar says FDI will prevent post-harvest loss. 
12:25pm: AIADMK's V Maitreyan says PM opposed FDI when he was in opposition, today he is the prime mover.
12:20pm: AIADMK's V Maitreyan says FDI will not benefit farmers, demands its rollback.
12:10pm: AIADMK’S V Maitreyan moves motion on FDI in Rajya Sabha, initiates debate. Maitreyan says FDI will not benefit farmers, demands its rollback.
12 noon: BJP objects to papers being laid on the FEMA guidelines.

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