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Uproar in Rajya Sabha over ‘Walmart report’: A planned move?

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  • Dec 10, 2012, 12:34 PM IST
Uproar in Rajya Sabha over ‘Walmart report’: A planned move?, politics news in English

politics news in English

New Delhi: Ruckus was witnessed in the Rajya Sabha today over news reports about Walmart, following which the Upper House has been adjourned till 2pm.
Reports had suggested that Walmart had spent Rs 125 Cr on ‘lobbying’ to enter India.
The main opposition party, BJP, said lobbying is illegal in India and the government ‘must answer who got the money.’
Earlier today, TMC leader Derek O’Brien had indicated that ‘certain’ parties would not allow the Upper House to run. It is an important day today as the SC/ST Bill has been listed to be taken up in the Upper House.
In view of what has happened and the reports that has emerged, one is left to wonder if this is all a planned move by the parties to scuttle the ‘intended’ progress as far as the SC/ST Bill is concerned for parties may not be willing to take a negative stand against the Bill in public. 



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