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China tries to play big brother, threatens India again

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  • Jul 11, 2012, 16:46 PM IST
China tries to play big brother, threatens India again, security news in English

security news in English

China tries to play big brother, threatens India againNew Delhi: According to the inputs provided to the government by the Indian intelligence agency RAW, India’s neighbour, China has increased its offensive military tactics. Last week, India's external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) informed the government in a secret note that there was a possibility of a skirmish or an incident triggered by China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). 

As per the report in indiatoday.in, China is aiming to drastically increase its military presence along the Indo-Chinese border. 

Tensions have always existed on the border between India and China. The significance of the note can be understood from the fact that it has set the warning bells ringing in the top echelons of Indian government. The matter is being discussed between the senior national security officials and the brass of the armed forces. 

It was exactly 50 years ago, in 1962 our then friendly neighbour decided to launch an unprovoked all out attack on our country. 

Beijing, the input stated, was contemplating such an action to divert attention from its own domestic trouble. 

The report said that the note contains a list of military activities being carried out by China. China stationed its fighter aircraft in Gongga airfield, all throughout the winter; heightened the surveillance of regions bordering India, the PLA conducted a military exercise in the autonomous Tibet region and Qinghai Plateau region on June 14. 

China is expected to undergo a power transfer in March next year. President Hu Jintao will step down later this year as the general secretary of the Communist Party and hand over the reins to current Vice-President Xi Jinping. 

"The Chinese leadership could be tempted to galvanise inherent xenophobic fervour to divert domestic attention to an external threat. In this context, there are two potential areas of tension. The first is the ongoing stand-off in the Scarborough Shoal area and the other is Tibet," the note stated. 

"A prolonged conflict is, however, unlikely," the report concluded. 

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During the past decade India has made rapid socio-economic progress. The two countries are the fastest growing economies in the world. India has emerged a serious competitor to China. China aims to engage China on military front in an effort to thwart its economic progress. Needless to say the tactics have not worked so far.

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