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101-yr-old Fauja Singh wishes to run with Manmohan Singh

  • PTI
  • Jan 30, 2013, 08:49 AM IST
101-yr-old Fauja Singh wishes to run with Manmohan Singh, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi:101-year-old marathon runner Fauja Singh has expressed an wish to run with the country's Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.
Fauja Singh, who was today honoured at a local school, said that he wants to run with the 80-year-old PM.
He said he is a simple man but was filled with pride when he was invited by Queen Elizabeth II for tea.
Fauja Singh, who does not just run for himself, said that one of his goals, is to promote understanding of Sikh culture.
"My beard and my turban has enhanced my respect in the world and I believe in God... that's the reason I was able to accomplish my goals in life," he said.
While giving message to the young generation, he said that it should divert its attention toward games and serve the nation.
The world's senior most marathon runner, fondly referred to as the 'Turbaned Tornado', said, "It is my determination that helps me run miles together."
"I have been running marathons in various parts of the world due to the grace of God," he said.
He said walking and running keeps him going. "Waking up early was one of the reasons for his good health," he said.
He said he started running to survive and to pass time, adding that he did not take any medicines and felt prevention was always better than cure.
He said that one must keep oneself free from mental stress.His diet includes grains, green vegetables, yogurt, tea and ginger. He avoids fried foods, including Punjabi delicacies like samosas and pakoras.
He further said, "I may be an illiterate and do not know how to read or write anything, but now I have a book written on me. Is it not great?"

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