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Chopper scam: 'Had long and good terms with the Tyagi family'

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  • Feb 16, 2013, 01:06 AM IST
Chopper scam: 'Had long and good terms with the Tyagi family', news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi:A middlemen involved in the VVIP helicopter deal has claimed that he shared close relations with the family of former Air Force chief S P Tyagi and had met one of his cousins at a wedding in Switzerland.

According to Italian authorities investigating the case, the wedding meeting took place soon after SP Tyagi's appointment as the Air chief in December 2004.

The probe report prepared by the Italian prosecutors also claimed that one of the middleman was also able to arrange a meeting with SP Tyagi.

"My partner and Gerosa had a long and good terms with the Tyagi family. I knew the three Tyagi brothers ... At the wedding of my partner's daughter I met Juli Tyagi. The wedding took place in Lugano (in Switzerland)," one of the alleged middleman 'ADR' has reportedly told the Italian prosecutors.

According to the documents, 'ADR' also recognized the photograph of Julie Tyagi during prosecution, claiming that he had, "long and good terms with the Tyagi family."

Julie has denied allegations about his involvement in the scam and said he was open to any inquiry.

The report has claimed the three Tyagi brothers, cousins of SP Tyagi, are alleged to have received kickbacks of around Rs 72 lakh from the middlemen.

ADR has also reportedly told the prosecutors that he learnt about the Indian tender to buy these choppers and P Tyagi's appointment as the IAF chief from the three brothers.

"I learned from Gerosa that he in turn had learned from Tyagi brothers that Indian government was interested in the supply of helicopters to transport the most high personalities of the state. This happened in 2005. I had also said that a first cousin of Tyagis became chief of staff of the Indian Air Force," he reportedly told the prosecutors.

Gerosa's name has reportedly surfaced in the Rs 3,600 crore deal to procure 12 VVIP choppers by the Indian government.

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