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'Former Congress CM Ajit Jogi wanted to eliminate rival Mahendra Karma ahead of elections'

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  • Jun 01, 2013, 00:58 AM IST
'Former Congress CM Ajit Jogi wanted to eliminate rival Mahendra Karma ahead of elections'
Raipur: As conspiracy theories abound after the terrifying attack on Congress leaders in Sukma district in Chhattisgarh on May 25, many slimy aspects of Chhattisgarh politics are coming to fore with BJP and Congress' leaders blaming each other for allegedly being ‘in cahoots with the Naxalites’. 
With details of sequence of events leading to the attack becoming clear, it is evident that Naxalites couldn’t have carried out such a ‘clean and precise strike’ without having prior information.
Consider this, the 50 vehicle-convoy was craftily ambushed by the Maoists on the Jagdalpur-Sukma highway, who halted the cars by felling a tree and then exploded an IED device planted some hundred metres from the fallen tree. 
After the IED explosion, the security guards started firing indiscriminately. The Naxalites hid in the bushes and waited till their ammunition got over. The then asked the Congress leaders including Mahendra Karma and Nand Kumar Patel among others to surrender. As the leaders emerged out, some 250 armed cadres of CPI (Maoist) fired incessantly for good ninety minutes.
"They had clearly planned the attack beforehand. They knew the route which was to be taken. It is highly classified information which couldn’t have been leaked without the involvement of an insider. Moreover, they called out our leaders by names,” said a Congress worker who was hurt in the attack.
“Or the police officials responsible for providing security cover and intelligence inputs failed to thwart the attack,” the worker was quick to add.
Karma is learnt to have only six personal guards when the attack took place. Notably, it is state government’s responsibility to provide security to vulnerable individuals. And Karma was on the hit-list of CPI (Maoist) right from 1991 till the day he was shot dead.
Taking note of Congress’ grouses, Raman Singh suspended Bastar Superintendent of Police Mayan Shrivastava and transferred the Inspector General Himanshu Gupta pending completion of probe into the incident.
The attack has markedly depleted the top leadership of Congress in the state, that too just ahead of assembly elections.
Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee president Kantilal Bhuria on Wednesday accused Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh of having prior knowledge about the bloody attack on Congress’ convoy in Sukma district on May 25 as they returned to Jagdalpur town after addressing a ‘Parivartan rally’. “Raman Singh constantly kept in touch with BJP president to inform him about the increasing casualties at every passing minute,” Bhuria claimed.
Bhuria’s claims were echoed by Rashtriya Lok Manch President Amar Singh, who blamed Raman Singh in entirety for the attack as the CM had failed to ‘provide adequate security to the Parivartan Rally’ procession.
The saffron party was quick to issue a rebuttal which came from MP Transport Minister Jagdish Devda, who admonished Bhuria for his ‘irresponsible’ claims.
In fact, even Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Vice-president Rahul Gandhi are also learnt to have personally pointed out to Raman Singh the inadequate security provided to Congress leaders during the Parivartan Rally. Summing his party’s thoughts, Congress spokesperson Bhakta Charan Das noted that when the BJP top brass had travelled in the same Bastar region for their Vikas Yatra, they had a security cover of 3,000 police personnel. “Then why the required security cover was not given to the Congress leaders? Why this discrimination when other political party is having the same kind of democratic activity?”
Another Congress leader and former Chhattisgarh CM Ajit Jogi has not stopped criticizing the Raman Singh government for ‘allowing such a beastly attack to take place’. 
But on Monday, Jogi was accused by unknown persons on social media of providing information to Naxalites to supposedly help them to carry out the strike. Several posts backed their claims by highlighting the love-hate relationship between Jogi and slain leader Mahendra Karma, and how the deceased veteran had ‘made his feelings public by publicly censuring Ajit and his son by not allowing them to share a dais with him at a party function’.

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    'Former Congress CM Ajit Jogi wanted to eliminate rival Mahendra Karma ahead of elections'
    Jogi is believed to have left by chopper before the Congress convoy departed for the ill-fated journey. On Tuesday, posters surfaced at multiple locations in Raipur which accused ‘Jogi of having fostered an understanding with Maoists’. “Fewer attacks took place during the rule of Ajit Jogi from 2000-04,”  a pamphlet read.
    “Who among the Congress leaders is left now that all others are dead? Only Jogi. Elections are just months away” it was further highlighted.
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    'Former Congress CM Ajit Jogi wanted to eliminate rival Mahendra Karma ahead of elections'
    The supporters of Ajit Jogi filed a police complaint with the Cyber Cell for the ‘defaming’ posts.  They suspected that saffron groups were propagating their agenda to malign their leaders’ image.
    "The language and the nature of allegations in the images and posters clearly indicate that saffron outfits are behind such vicious propaganda on the internet", says Jogi supporter Vinod Tiwari. "We will stage an indefinite sit-in inside the police station if an FIR was not lodged within the next 24 hours," he added.
    It should be mentioned here that just five days ago, Jogi had dispelled rumours about his 'alleged rift' with Karma and disclosed that he was not in race for CM in the upcoming polls.
    But after the death of Nand Kumar Patel, tribal leader Mahendra Karma and with VC Shukla still recuperating in hospital, Jogi seems to be very much in the race again.
    That saffron groups are associated with Bharatiya Janata Party is an open secret by now. 
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    'Former Congress CM Ajit Jogi wanted to eliminate rival Mahendra Karma ahead of elections'

    Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has asked the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to probe the attack and ‘bring the perpetrators to book’.

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