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Selling spirituality: 'Fraud' Nirmal Baba has fake followers too

  • Bhaskar News
  • Apr 17, 2012, 15:00 PM IST
Selling spirituality: 'Fraud' Nirmal Baba has fake followers too, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi:The 'magical healing' of Nirmal Baba appears to have stopped working for himself even, as there is no end to the troubles and controversies surrounding the 'fraud' Godman. After having exposed as a fraud, Nirmal Baba has courted another controversy of having an army of 'fake followers' and how.

nirmalbaba_288Undaunted by the massive onslaught in media and negative coverage about Nirmaljeet Singh Narula (Nirmal Baba), Baba's Facebook page has been flooded with likes and comments in favour of the self-styled Godman. Moreover, Baba's followers on Facebook are just growing with each passing day.

Even as the Internet too is abuzz with netizens looking to know more about the 'mysterious Baba and keyword topic likes 'Fraud Nirmal Baba' has been trending, the fraud Godman has taken Facebook by storm with his page having more than 3.5 lakh people.

There are two Facebook communities in the name of Nirmal Baba — one of them has approximately 13 lakh members. Though the page has not been updated since September 2011, it added 11,747 new members in April 2012; and 27,773 members in March 2012.

The other page in the name of Nirmal Baba has 3,53,000 members. His Facebook page was flooded with the followers and well wishers praising him and expressing their faith in Nirmal Baba.

However, a thorough investigation of Nirmal Baba's Facebook page by Dailybhaskar.com raised many questions on his ascent to stardom.

Several profiles of Nirmal Baba's followers appeared fake. After a thorough investigation, it was known that majority of the profiles were created at the end of March or in Aprils first week- the time when Nirmal Baba shot to fame and became talk of the town. These profiles were seen making regular comments on Baba's Facebook page and praising him for his 'magical healing'.

The authenticity of the fake followers of Nirmal Baba on Facebook is evident in the fact that hundreds of such profiles neither have profile pictures nor cover photos.

Moreover, Baba's Facebook page is being used for criticizing the media for portraying the dark side of the spiritual guru. The comments posted against him on his page are being removed immediately.

Dailybhaskar sent messages to a few followers and asked them to share their experience with the website. However, none of them replied.

It must be noted that a few days back Nirmal Baba was accused of hiring people to ask ‘fake’ questions and later telecast it to TV channels to gain propaganda mileage.

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