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Narendra Modi finally accepts wife Jashoda

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  • Apr 01, 2013, 16:22 PM IST
Narendra Modi finally accepts wife Jashoda
New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is on Cloud 9 these days. While the Gujarat strongman is enjoying a possible-softening of stance by West, presumably as a result of his name cropping up every now and then for top post in the BJP, the former RSS pracharak is also reportedly enjoying life on personal front as well.
The three-time Gujarat chief minister has reportedly patched-up with his estranged wife and has convinced her to stay with him at his official residence.
According to sources, the two reportedly met each other at chief minister's official residence recently. Both the BJP and the government has maintained stoic silence over the matter.
Sources at the CM's residence have confirmed that Modi has managed to convince Jashodaben to stay with him at his official residence. The Gujarat stongman has reportedly asked his mother to stay with him too.
Sources told Dailybhaskar.com that Modi had been trying to convince his wife to stay with him for long, but has never succeeded.
However, his wife finally relented to the chief minister's repeated requests and could not say 'no' this time, sources added.
The development has come as a major surprise to many in the political circles, considering that the Gujarat chief minister has never been vocal about his wife.
Modi's personal equation with his wife has always been the topic of discussion. Even Congress leaders have failed to ignore the subject. During last year's Assembly elections, Congress leaders - Digvijaya Singh and Renuka Chowdhary made remarks on the subject.
Digvijaya had reportedly asked why Modi refrains from talking about his wife in public when her videos are widely available over the internet. "Why does Modi shies away from talking about his wife in public particularly when their marriage videos are available on YouTube," said Digvijaya. The Congress leader as questioned why Modi has left his marital status as blank while filling his personal details during elections.
Renuka Chowdhary has also been critical on Modi's personal life. "Modi has always been anti-feminist. His wife left him because he failed to respect her," said Renuka.
Many claim that Modi's recent patch-up with Jashoda was an attempt to silence them. The Gujarat chief minister married Jashoda in 1968. Not much is known about Jashoda except for the fact that she is a teacher by profession. Modi has never commented on his relationship with Jashoda in spite of several potshots at him by his political opponents.

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    Narendra Modi finally accepts wife Jashoda
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    Narendra Modi finally accepts wife Jashoda
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    Narendra Modi finally accepts wife Jashoda

Modi has confessed marrying Jashoda earlier too

Modi's peronal life has always found enough media coverage. A video of the Gujarat chief minister with his wife was also released during the 2007 Assembly Elections. The video shows 25-year-old Modi reportedly confessing that he is married to Jashoda, who was then 22 year-old.


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