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HORRIFYING: Adopted girl murders parents with lover’s aid, leaves bodies to decompose for 2 months

  • Bhaskar News
  • Oct 15, 2014, 13:58 PM IST
HORRIFYING: Adopted girl murders parents with lover’s aid, leaves bodies to decompose for 2 months, news news in English

news news in English

Vadodara:A 16-year-old girl and her 22-year-old boyfriend were arrested for killing the girl’s adopted parents and leaving their bodies in the house to rot in an upmarket neighbourhood in Vadodara. The childless couple adopted her when she was just two months old. But the girl, now 16, is in police custody for allegedly killing her foster parents in cold blood. 

The discovery of the decomposed body of an elderly couple from a locked bunglow in Manjalpur at midnight on Tuesday sent shockwaves down the neighbourhood. The disintegrating bodies of an elderly couple, Shrihari Vinod, 63, and his wife Sneha, 60, were found in their bedroom in Tirupati Society Bungalows after neighbours alerted the police. According to the police, the couple’s adopted 16-year-old daughter plotted and murdered her parents in early August and doused the body with a chemical to prevent emanating stench that could alert neighbours.

On Tuesday, police arrested the girl with her 22-year-old boyfriend, Sapan Purani, for murdering Shrihari Vinod, 63, and his wife Sneha, 60. Shockingly, the couple was killed on August 3 and the murder came to light only on Monday night.  The police got a missing persons complaint from a relative of the deceased. When cops reached their house in Tirupati Society in Manjalpur, they found the decomposed bodies. 

A preliminary investigation revealed the girl killed her parents because they were against her relationship and had fights over the issue. 

However, what surprised the police was that the girl and Sapan visited the home frequently after committing the murder. "Since they failed to dispose the bodies, she began pouring acid on them, hoping that they would get decomposed fully. Sapan used to regularly spray room freshener," said Gautam Parmar, deputy commissioner of police (south). 

Vinod had retired from a nationalized bank while Sneha worked with LIC. The girl is a class XI student of a CBSE school in Manjalpur. 

Police questioned the girl after learning that she wasn't getting along with the couple and had started living separately. According to the police, on August 3, the girl mixed sleeping pills in the couple's food, smothered them and stabbed them. 

Cops say the duo has confessed to their crime. Ghod says, “During their questioning, the daughter and Sapan Purani have confessed that they killed the couple in August by stabbing them repeatedly and then sprayed the body with a local acidic chemical.
They then locked the premises to make it appear that the family had moved out from the residence for some time. They said that they had decided to kill Vinod and his wife because they were opposed to the daughter’s love affair with Sapan as they wanted her to complete her education.”
Image Courtesy: Bhaskar News
Images of Sapan Purani (left) and murdered couple's adopted daughter(right)

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