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LIVE UPDATES: HC defers Vishwaroopam's hearing till tomorrow

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  • Jan 31, 2013, 16:35 PM IST
LIVE UPDATES: HC defers Vishwaroopam's hearing till tomorrow
New Delhi:Actor-director Kamal Haasan on Thursday said that he won't be moving the Supreme Court against 'Vishwaroopam' ban today.  
According to media reports, Haasan said that he will wait before approaching the Supreme Court. 
He said he is hurt, but calm.
Kamal Haasan added that he still hopes that things can be settled with the Tamil Nadu government.

Meanwhile, his lawyers are prepared to file appeal before the Supreme Court.

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    LIVE UPDATES: HC defers Vishwaroopam's hearing till tomorrow
    Vishwaroopam faces ban in UP
    There seems to be no end to Kamal Haasan's woes, as now his film Vishwaroopam may face a ban in Uttar Pradesh too. 
    According to media reports, Samajwadi Party minister Ram Asrey Kushwaha on Thursday said that Vishwaroopam will not be released in the state till it is reviewed. 
    The Hindi version of the film was slated to release on Friday.
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    LIVE UPDATES: HC defers Vishwaroopam's hearing till tomorrow

    Case deferred

    The Madras High Court on Thursday adjourned its hearing on Vishwaroopam till 1 February, Friday.

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    LIVE UPDATES: HC defers Vishwaroopam's hearing till tomorrow
    Govt mulls amending Cinematograph Act
    Against the backdrop of controversy surrounding Kamal Haasan's film Vishwaroopam, Union information and broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari on Thursday said there was a need to "revisit" the Cinematograph Act to ensure decisions of the Censor Board are implemented.
    "Time-cinematographic act revisited to ensure implementational integrity (of) certification decisions, otherwise each state would be its own censor (board)," Tewari posted on the social networking website Twitter.
    On Wednesday, Tewari said that states should implement the decisions of the Censor Board regarding screening of films but refrained from commenting on Vishwaroopam, saying the matter was in court. "Since the High court has once again taken the matter within its purview, it would be inappropriate to comment on it. We would allow the High court to take cognisance of the matter holistically and come to whatever conclusion it considers appropriate. Because it's been a tradition that we do not comment on matters which are sub-judice," Tewari had said.


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    LIVE UPDATES: HC defers Vishwaroopam's hearing till tomorrow
    Jayalalithaa addresses press
    Addressing a press meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said,"One main criticism is that state should uphold law and order, those who make these comments have no idea of the logistics."
    She added that as the CM of the state my first priority is to ensure that law and order is maintained.
    Every apprehension that Muslim organisations would hold demonstrations that could turn violent
    Considering that film was to be released in 524 theaters is it practically possible to provide protection to them all? 
    Practical strength of TN police is 87,826 for population of over 7 cr, she said. 
    Take away security, we have only 9000 policemen. This is inadequate to provide security for 524 cinemas, she added.
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