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Leave our land or witness mass suicide, famers de-cry

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  • Nov 19, 2012, 16:40 PM IST
Leave our land or witness mass suicide, famers de-cry, news news in English

news news in English

Bhopal: Over 20 farmers in a village Madhya Pradesh are up in arms against the state government’s decision to acquire land for a thermal power plant in the area.

Since Diwali, the Bujbuja village of Katni district is witnessing an stand-odd between the locals and the government, with as many as 20 villagers threatening to set them self on fire if the state government fails to consider their demand.

Every day the farmers sit on funeral pyres, with kerosene and match sticks at arm's reach to put pressure on the state government against acquisition of land for the proposed thermal power plant.

This form of protest has been in practice ever since a woman in the area, allegedly set herself on fire after she was threatened by the authorities to give up her land.

The protestors de-cry that the government acquired the plots for the 2000 MW project, against their will. They alleged that the compensation money won't last and the land is 'our regular source of income,' said a report carried by NDTV.

Madhya Pradesh is used to such 'unusual' protest. Earlier, a pack of 51 villagers sat in neck-deep water for 17 days to force the government agree to their demands to lower the water level in the Omkareshwar dam in Ghogalgaon village of the state's Khandwa district.

A similar protest is being carried out by farmers in Dokariya village, who have have blocked the road to force the government hand back the acquired land to them.

Meanwhile, the state administration says that land was acquired after discussion in detail with the farmers. Madhya Pradesh Industries Minister, Kailash Vijayvarghiya, said that the land had been acquired over a year ago and instead pointed fingers at the opposition for politicing the cause.


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