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SHOCKING: How did Indian soldiers get shot in the chest despite wearing 'bullet proof jackets’?

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  • Aug 12, 2013, 09:31 AM IST
SHOCKING: How did Indian soldiers get shot in the chest despite wearing 'bullet proof jackets’?, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi: After the killing of five Indian soldiers in Poonch sector along LoC, Army chief General Bikram Singh has reprimanded his top commanders in Jammu and Kashmir for not launching a massive retaliatory strike against Pakistan if needed.


As the incident is getting murkier with each passing day, there have been five ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the last 48 hours.


The biggest question that is arising at this time is weren’t the Indian soldiers wearing bullet proof jackets. In spite of the mounting pressure on Indian government to get tough with Pakistan, the Indian Army is getting to grips with an unanswered question; why Indian patrol lost its five soldiers when they were supposed to have taken prescribed pre-cautions for meeting such an eventuality. The Indian soldiers deployed in the area have clear instructions to wear bullet proof jackets while on patrol. This is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the 93rd Brigade HQ for security of the troops.


According to reports, the five soldiers killed on August 6 were shot at close range and three of them had bullet injuries in the chest. This only shows that there was some serious violation of the SOP.


So were the bullet-proof vests not actually bullet proof or the soldiers weren’t wearing any?


Amidst all this General Singh visited the Nagrota-based Headquarters 16 Corps outside Jammu according to top sources, he has asked senior commanders why local commanders along the volatile border did not order artillery and mortar fire on Pakistani posts. The chief had instructed local commanders on the LoC to retaliate strongly, if provoked.


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