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Most evocative thoughts of FDI debate in Lok Sabha

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  • Dec 05, 2012, 19:21 PM IST
Most evocative thoughts of  FDI debate in Lok Sabha, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi: Though largely a symbolic discussion, FDI in retail debate has given Indians an opportunity to retrospect their ideologies and beliefs. Right now, as the nation stands at crossroads of history,  the thoughts of  political leaders speak perfectly of the moment.

Below are some interesting quotes of the whole FDI episode, by different leaders cutting across various party folds, spoken at different points of time during the debate.

1.“Many said KFC will drive dhabas out of the market. But the dhabas have driven out KFC. Don’t underestimate Indian brands.”

--Kapil Sibal

2. “Agar Mulayam Singh ne aaj vote kiya hota, toh FDI nahin aata, nahin aata, nahin aata.(If Mulayam Singh had voted today, nobody could have forced FDI in retail into India)”

-- Sushma Swaraj

3. “I was looking forward to the speech since he is from my state. But he was so excited that he promised McDonald's that he'll grow a two-feet-long potato. Kisan ke bete ho, pehle aloo aur lauki ka farq toh samajh lo.(A son of a farmer should understand the difference between a potato and bitter gourd)”

--Sushma Swaraj to Deepender Hooda

4."Aapko gaanthe kholna nahi ata, aur maskari ke alawa kuch karna nahi ata.(You only know how to flatter, not how to resolve deadlocks.)”

--Sushma Swaraj to Lalu Prasad Yadav

5. “Consensus ka matlab aam sehmati, sarva sammati nahi..If you have to wait for unanimity, you wait till eternity. (Consensus doesn’t mean taking on board everybody, it only means to go with the majority. Complete unanimity will take an eternity to achieve)”

-- Anand Sharma

6. “The other India lives to enjoy life. Reconsider your decision. Future generations won’t forgive us as India will be doomed.”

-- Sharad Yadav

7. "We don't want to win by defeating you; we want to win by convincing you."

--Sushma Swaraj

8. “You will not benefit from this (FDI in retail) even in elections. We may not come to power at the centre but we will support you, and take support from you as well."

-- Mulayam Singh Yadav

9. “22 MPs participated in the FDI debate, they represent 18 parties... Of the 18 parties, 14 spoke against FDI in retail.”

-- Sushma Swaraj

10. “Nescafe peene walon, poocho Advaniji se Twitter ka istemal kyun kartein hain, woh videshi nahi hain kya? ( I admit that I drink Nescafe, but why does Advani use Twitter? Isn’t that foreign too?)”

-- Lalu Prasad Yadav

11. We had sent back Coca Cola. But it was allowed back in; the company acquired Parle’s Thumbs Up and tried to replace it with Coke. But Thumbs Up is still more popular in India than Coca Cola.”

--Praful Patel


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