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Ceasefire violation: Time for India to stop being 'the nice guy'?

  • Bhaskar News
  • Jan 09, 2013, 13:13 PM IST
Ceasefire violation: Time for India to stop being 'the nice guy'?, news news in English

news news in English

New Delhi:The nation is outraged in the wake of the Pakistan Army's inhuman and provocative killing of two Indian Army soldiers in the Mendhar Sector of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.  
Even as Pakistani troops 'mutilated' one of the Indian soldiers after gunfight, the alert Border Security Force is still waiting for the high-command order to retaliate. 
Defence Minister AK Antony has condemned the killing as "highly provocative" and said that the way one of the Indian soldier's bodies had been treated was "inhuman". 
However, Former Pakistan High Commissioner G Parsarthi said "the issue won't be resolved with global discussion as the US has asked India and Pakistan to exercise restraint. India didn't come forward during formation of a commission for internation war crimes, so it can't expect a solution there too. On the other hand, Pakistan has also accused India of killing its soldiers, which has been outrightly denied by Indian government. In such a scenario, no concrete solution can be looked forward to."
"India ought to give a befitting reply to Pakistan, but I doubt if the government is prepared for this."
According to General (retd) Shankar Rai Chaudhary, "This is not the first time Pakistan has shown its inhuman face. Pakistani troops acted with the same brutality Pushtia in 1971, when it had even removed the eyes of Indian jawans. India denounced Pakistan for the act saying this should not have happened but expecting it to not happen is childish." 
Pakistan's attempt to intrude into Indian side is akin to Kargil incident, which India should not take lightly. Pakistan violated ceasefire pact 28 times in 2009, 44 in 2010 and 51 in 2011... When will we wake up and act strongly," Commodore (retd) C Uday Bhaskar, former Director IDSA.


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