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Vishwaroopam row: Kamal Haasan threatens to leave India

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  • Jan 30, 2013, 15:51 PM IST

Chennai:Director of controversial movie ‘Vishwaroopam’, Kamal Haasan gave a fitting reply to his detractors on Wednesday as he said that he was not a communal person and he was being dragged into controversy unnecessarily.

“ I am not a communal person. I have no political inclinations, neither have any region. This is the game of political parties. They are playing games with the sentiments of the people,” said emotional Haasan.

Talking about his film the actor said that none of the reasons given to discard his movie were right. Hurt with political people targeting him, he even threatened to quit Indian nationality.

“I may have to look for another secular state to live in. What would change is my passport; I would still be an Indian,” he added.

Tamil Nadu government reportedly sought to challenge the Madras High Court's order of removing the ban that has been imposed by it on Kamal Haasan's film Vishwaroopam.

The day-long court room drama that ended late in the night on Wednesday seemed to be fruitful for Haasan film because the ban was lifted by the Madras high court, enabling its release in Tamil Nadu. The prohibitory orders issued by the district collectors on the release of the movie, in the state were vacated by Justice K Venkatraman.

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