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Pakistan sends hailstorms to India

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  • Jan 18, 2013, 22:38 PM IST
Pakistan sends hailstorms to India
New Delhi:Delhi was hit by unwelcomed winter guests on Wednesday. 
Unexpected rains, accompained by hailstorms, continued to lash the city on Friday, sending shivering people under cover as the temperatures dropped by several notches.
Not only the national capital, several areas in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have been caught off-guard by sudden nip in the air followed by intermittent downpour.
The fog and coldwave had receded from several parts of the country, giving the much-awaited respite to the people. The another spell of cold has brought the shivers back.
But, who is the 'culprit' behind the sudden change in weather?
Weathermen blame a western disturbance in Pakistan for the unpleasant weather to India as people woke up to a rainy day with cloudy skies. 
According to India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials, the reason behind the unwelcomed rainfall is the western disturbance over Pakistan.
“Cyclonic circulation over west Rajasthan and adjoining areas of Afghanistan are also causing this rainfall,” they added.
"This disturbance has risen the pressure of air by 8km. The areas where humidity was 3,500mm high, rain drops converted into snow. High humidity broke the frozen rain drops into icicles that lashed northern parts of the country, along with rainfall," weather experts said.
In Uttar Pradesh, rain accompanied by lightning claimed the lives of 10 people and injured at least 5 others overnight. 
Punjab has also been witnessing biting cold since last few days. After the sun smiled for a couple of days, the chill is back to torment people. The minimum terperature on Friday was 9.5 degrees Celsius and the maximum was 18.3  degrees. The MeT said the mercury is expect to plunge by several notches later in the day.
In Kashmir, Kanjikund was hit by 6.2mm hailstorm. The state is expected to witness more hails on Friday even as the 294km Srinagar-Jammu national highway has been shut following heavy snowfall. The highway is the only road linking Kashmir with rest of the country.
The showers, which started in Delhi at around 11pm on Thursday, continued throughout the day and the cloud cover resulted in the minimum temperature rising by over a degree Celsius. The rain gauges measured 21 mm of rain till 8:30am on Fridays. The showers also slowed down the vehicular movement in the city.
Vehicular movement was affected in several areas, including ITO, Vikas Marg and South Extension. Waterlogging was also reported from several areas.
The minimum temperature rose to 11.3 degrees Celsius, four degrees above normal and up from Thursday’s 9.7 degrees. However, the chill factor added to the chill in the air.
The weatherman has predicted more rains and thunderstorm in the capital on Saturday.


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    Pakistan sends hailstorms to India
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    Pakistan sends hailstorms to India
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    Pakistan sends hailstorms to India
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    Pakistan sends hailstorms to India
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    Pakistan sends hailstorms to India


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