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7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013

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  • Dec 04, 2012, 19:06 PM IST
7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013

New Delhi: The Indian stock market has been on a role in the recent past. Studies show that the markets have risen to its highest level in 19-months, thus signalling towards more stable and promising financial futures of the country. Equities have risen by almost 25% this year, in contrast to the 24% fall the previous year. This has cheered a number of investors, and the future certainly looks bright if the momentum can be carried on in 2013. We bring you some stock suggesttions to look at in 2013, which could be very interesting to look at:

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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    Jaypee Group
    With the Karcham hydro-electric power plant, Nigrie captive coal-based project and with the start of the Bina plant, llooking at developed stages, the company is looking up in the upcoming year as revenues will start flowing via these sources. The infrastucture and cement sector will see a lot of debt going down, and cash flow increasing inwards to the companies, hence recommended for a buy.
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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    Infosys has recently acquired Lodestone, which has pushed up its capabilities more than ever before. It also has added a lot to the earnings in the past 6 quarters, and more deals are on the way making in attractie for the coming year. 
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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    DLF other than being a premier builder, with new projects in hand, especially in the Tier II and Tier III cities of the country, will also be reducing large amounts of its debt in the coming year. This will give them better leverage to dish out returns to their shareholders on a higher scale, thus making their stock rather attractive.
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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    State Bank of India (SBI) 
    The loan department of the State Bank of India is expanding, and thus the ratio for borrowing to deposit ratio has also improved as a whole.  Also since the asset base quality has improved, the credit costs will reduce thus pushing more better margins on the stocks. 
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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    Reliance Industries
    The petrochemical and refining margins will increase this year, as new zones are being explored, and production capacities have also increased in recent months. The upcoming year should have the numbers go up further, making the stock attractive to look at. 
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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    The government's jumpstart of power capex by solving coal linkage issue and restoration of purchase preference may drive the stock.
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    7 stocks to keep an eye on for 2013
    Adani Enterprises
    The coal inputs are going to turn cheaper and the power tariff sees a hike. This will jointly gives higher returns to the shareholders, apart from the returns on Australian assets give the stock a better shape for 2013. 

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