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Top equity funds for 2013

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  • Jan 07, 2013, 23:28 PM IST
Top equity funds for 2013
New Delhi: 2013 is well underway and this year is one of the most crucial for the financial future of the country. The conomy will be expected to take off, and revive the investment climate, hence there is no doubt a high hope future to better market returns. In fact this is the ideal time for retail investors who are looking for to cash in for their medium term and long term goals. The reason for the same is, though the current situation is still a bit volatile, in the future it will all change for the better. Hence if invested through mutual funds, the returns could be plentiful. Hence, here is the best of the ones you can get for 2013.

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    Top equity funds for 2013
    SBI Emerging Businesses Fund (G)
    Those looking at shorter term gains, SBI Emerging Businesses Fund could be the perfect pick of the lot. Though majority of their holdings are in small and mid cap companies, performances over shorter durations have been fairly impressive. Major holdings include Cairn India, Spice Jet, Muthoot Finance, and Goodyear. Banking and finance, along with automotive, oil and gas are the industries the fund looks to mainly invest in. 
    Minimum investment: Rs 2,000
    NAV returns: 29.91% over 6 months, 58.63% over a year
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    Top equity funds for 2013
    Franklin India Bluechip Fund (G)
    If one is looking to go in for a fund with a minimum term of 5 years, then the Franklin India Bluechip Fund is the place to put the money in. With a reputation of consistently delivering despite being an equity fund, it caters to the banking and telecommunication sectors mainly. In the past it has yieled good returns for its investors via Bharti Airtel. In the short term, one might see certian fluctuations, but in the long term it makes sense if one is looking for a lower risk and decent offering fund.
    Minimum Investment: Rs 5,000
    NAV returns: 13.20% over 6 months, 25.82% over an year
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    Top equity funds for 2013
    Reliance Equity Opportunities Equity Fund (G)
    This fund is what the name says it is; an opportunist fund. It mainly capitalises on any given market situation to get the gains and tansfer it to returns on investors fundings. Its portfolio consists of large cap, mid cap, and even small cap companies with prominent names like SBI, ICICI, Infosys, Hathway Cable, and Shoppers Stop. 
    Again, this fund will be a good support fund in one's portfolio of mutual funds.
    Minimum investment: Rs 5,000
    NAV returns: 19.77% in 6 months, 46.41% over a period of 1 year.
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    Top equity funds for 2013
    ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund (G)
    Though not as productive and high yielding as some of the other funds on the list, this fund offers a value based investment style, amongst companies that have very strong fundamentals, but stocks can be purchased at bargained prices. This fund happens to be  open ended diversified equity fund, which means, one can keep it along with other funds in one's portfolio. 
    Minimum Investment: Rs 5,000
    NAV returns: 18.21% in 6 months, and 45.87% in over a year
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    Top equity funds for 2013
    Quantum Long Term Equity Fund (G)
    Though this fund has been around since 2006, it has given fairly impressive returns over this tenure, mainly owing to a diversified investment pattern in large capital and mid capital companies. Apart from that, the cost cost ratio makes it ideal for giving better returns to investors. Even during the economic downturn, the performance never really waivered. This is ideally suited for long term investment, including those operating via the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan method) method.
    Minimum Investment: Rs 5,000
    NAV returns: 14.54% over 6 months, 32.99% over an year

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