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Exclusive interview with Sarabjit Singh's wife: 'A moment that came after long 23 years but passed in a jiffy'

  • Bhaskar News
  • Apr 28, 2013, 13:35 PM IST

Amritsar: She, along with her family members, had waited for this moment for long 23 years. She was not sure of meeting him again, but now she was actually meeting him—face to face. Although iron bars of Kot Lakhpat Rai jail were separating but seeing him alive and talking to him was everything for the family, says Sarabjit Singh's wife Sukhpreet Kaur.

It was an evening of 2008 when this moment came. “We were allowed to meet him in Kot Lakhpat Rai Jai. It lasted for 40 minutes, and before we could share our personnel thoughts, it was all over. All the time we kept talking about his case, and there was no time to let inner feelings vent out," says Sukhpreet Kaur, with tears in her eyes.


This was the last she got a chance to meet her husband. And now when they are going to meet him again, Sarabjit is in deep coma.

He was jailed on August 28, 1990.  His daughter Poonam was just 23 days old.  Daughter Swapandeep Kaur was a toddler—3-year-old. “Somehow, I managed to bring them up with dignity and pride," she narrates, still fighting to stop bursting into tears. She somehow manages to regain her composure and continues sharing her life struggle with us.




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