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Heroin, smack had no effect on him; snake-bite was his favourite drug

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  • Jan 27, 2012, 06:27 AM IST
Heroin, smack had no effect on him; snake-bite was his favourite drug, punjab news in English

punjab news in English

Ludhiana: Gurdaspur's border areas have been infamous for drug-peddlers and addicts, but this youngter's story shows how youth fall prey to drugs.

As smack, heroin, drug syringes have no effect on him, he opted for a life-threatening way to satiate his thirst for narcotics.

He has fallen prey to getting his high from snake bites, and frog's sweat (sediment left behind when frog jumps) and these could be potentially life threatening habits.

Paramjeet Singh has surrendered before Red Cross Gurdaspur for rehabilitation.

He says he is the only child of his parent and had fallen prey to drugs while in school.

After his father's death there was no one to stop him and he coaxed and forced his mother into giving him money for his dose of drugs.

Paramjeet says he had begun taking gutkha and smoking cigarettes while in Class 8. He slowly kept getting used to the kick that these gave and wanted even stronger intioxication. And therein he began taking heroin and smack on daily basis. He had been addicted and immuned to intra-venous drug syringes too.

But he says he is fed up of being a slave to the habit and wants to rehabilitate himself and live a normal life.
Red Cross center's project director Ramesh Mahajan says it's the first time he has heard of someone getting addicted to snake bite's intoxication. He says Paramjeet and three others were in touch with a "Bangali Baba" in Gurdaspur who got them bitten by poisonous snakes for a sum of Rs 6,000.

Paramjeet says a single snake bite would intoxicate even a habitual drug-addict like him for 20 to 25 days. Frogs and lizards too weren't spared by him.

But he has now chosen to rehabilitate himself.

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