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SHOCKING! Elderly couple drags 6-year-old girl by hair for stealing ‘guavas’

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  • Aug 11, 2013, 16:58 PM IST
SHOCKING! Elderly couple drags 6-year-old girl by hair for stealing ‘guavas’, jaipur news in English

jaipur news in English

Jaipur/Ajmer:A 6-year-old was dragged by her hair for ‘stealing guavas’ from the garden of an elderly couple in Pragati Nagar area of Ajmer’s Kotra district on Saturday. The aged couple had allegedly caught the minor girl red handed and asserted Christian Ganj police to arrest the girl.
According to reports, the cops tried to convince the couple the girl was too young to be arrested but they compelled them to file a case to satisfy them.
Pragati Nagar-resident Satish Joshi (51) and his wife Vidhya Devi discovered the fruits in their garden started disappearing few weeks ago. The Joshis on Saturday caught the 6-year-old stealing guava from their garden and dragged her to the police station by her hair.
A TOI report said: The couple found that a six-year-old girl staying nearby climbed the wall and took away the fruits with her. "We caught her red-handed and also recovered other guava fruits from her house," the couple said.
The father of the girl also rushed to police station and felt sorry at his daughter's act, but the couple remained adamant and urged police to arrest the girl.
"As per the law we cannot arrest a child below seven years and in this case it was not possible," said Laskhman Ram, SHO, Christian Ganj.
Some constables offered to pay the price of guava fruits and requested the couple to leave the child, but to no avail. At last, police put the report in daily diary and handed over the girl to her parents.

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