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'Fugitive had contract on head; killed by rival gang'

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  • Nov 17, 2012, 05:16 AM IST
Jaipur: A key accused in Daria encounter case, Vijay Thekedar, was abducted by Anil Pandya Gang of Sikar before he was shot dead, police sources said on Friday. Vijay, who is believed to be a key link between Daria alias Dara Singh and the Special Operations Group team that allegedly killed him in an encounter in 2006, had gone into hiding after he was declared a fugitive by the CBI. 
Vijay Kumar alias Bijju Thekedar (Contractor) was found shot dead on Thursday. His body was recovered near Bukhari village on Churu-Sikar border. Police sources claimed Vijay resurfaced a few days earlier and was consulting some of his business associates over the possibility of him surrendering before the police. Ironically, his brother Ashok claimed on Friday that one of the accused rounded up by police for involvement in his brother’s murder had arranged a meeting between the victim and Anil Pandya before he was abducted. 
Churu police is digging into the involvement of Anil who is the Pandya kingpin and a resident of Fathehpur, Pappu alias Papiya and one Raj Kumar Jat in Vijay’s murder. The police are drawing their conclusion from interrogation of three persons, Mahipal, Manohar and Dinesh who were reportedly with Vijay on the fateful day. Haryana Police had handed over the three suspects to state police during the course of investigations.

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