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Jaipur: Erroneous minority data renders babus speechless

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  • Nov 01, 2012, 03:57 AM IST
Jaipur: Erroneous minority data renders babus speechless, jaipur news in English

jaipur news in English

Jaipur: At a time when the state government is trying hard to sell itself to the cause of minorities, the officials of various departments are taking the government programmes lightly and are not giving correct information about various schemes being run for the minorities. Rajasthan Minority Commission Chairman Mahir Azad got a taste of this fact while chairing a review meeting of the commission on Wednesday. 
On lesser number of participants at meet
After the officials introduced themselves, Azad questioned them about the low number of participants in the meeting and there was no response.
On number of schools meant for minorities
Azad asked District Education Officer Shiv Charan Meena, “Your data says there are no schools for minorities in urban area of Jaipur.” Meena replied in the affirmative to which Azad said, “Perhaps you have never been out, there are so many madarsas in Bhatta Basti, Jalupura, Van Vihar etc, you are not correct with your data.”
On minority women not getting jobs 
Azad started seeing the progress report for the month of September 2012 and asked the officials of women and child welfare department to tell why the minority women were not being given postings in various health centres across the state. The official replied that there are just 313 minority centres and there is no position for minorities vacant in them. 
“How is it possible that there is no position vacant, when new posts are advertised and why people are not inducted in them?” asked Azad, to which the officer had no reply. 
District collector T Ravikant commented that people are not aware that there are vacancies and these positions are filled quietly by the officials. “The positions are filled up in a hush-hush manner and people are mostly unaware of it,” he said.
On number of minority kids getting benefits
The official said the department has given various benefits to 8,318 children in the state. When Azad asked specifically about minority kids, the official was speechless.


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