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Jaipur: New minibuses for the city from New Year

  • DNA
  • Dec 08, 2012, 03:44 AM IST

Jaipur: In view of the increasing traffic jams and to facilitate citizens, the Jaipur City Transport Service Limited (JCTSL) has decided to induct new mini-buses on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.

The corporation will begin operation of the 10-15 seater buses in city from the New Year. These will ply on old as well as new routes, where running low-floor buses is financially unviable.

The buses will be maintained and serviced by private partners who will charge according to JCTSL.

The new buses will be an addition to the existing fleet of JCTSL buses and give a relief to daily commuters. “There is a growing need for the city buses. We will be starting new buses on PPP mode. These will be run and maintained by private players,” said Preeti Mathur, OSD, JCTSL.

The corporation officials are in a process of making a proposal of beginning new routes that are hitherto not covered and will be on the outskirts of city.

At present, the JCTSL has 400-odd buses which it plies on 17 routes across the city. With involvement of the private players, the JCTSL has been trying to bring in some professionalism in its own organisation.

Public private partnership in city buses is not new. Metropolitan cities, like Delhi, are already plying buses. JCTSL is currently studying various aspects of these projects also.


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