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Jaipur: PFI blames govt for crime against minorities

  • DNA
  • Nov 19, 2012, 05:51 AM IST
Jaipur: PFI blames govt for crime against minorities, jaipur news in English

jaipur news in English

Jaipur: Leaders and members of Popular Front of India (PFI) targeted Congress government for 35 incidents of violence against minorities in state.
The leaders said the government did not provide security to minorities leading to loss of lives and property.
“More than 35 incidents of violence took place in state during the Congress rule. General elections are due in 2014. If things continue to go like this they will have to pay the price,” said Mohammad Shafi, state chief, PFI.
He was speaking at PFI’s national integration conference at Amrudoo Ka Bagh near State Assembly on Sunday. 
PFI National president EM Abdur Rahman said their objective is not to show the strength but to strengthen minorities, including Muslims, dalits and backward class people. 
The organisation is serving the minorities for the last 23 years. Popular cadets are present in 23 states of India.
He said the organisation speaks against government policies which are against people. 
According to Sachchar Committee report, Muslims are even more backward than dalits. So, PFI is working for their welfare.


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