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LPG connection transfer made easy, expensive

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  • Oct 27, 2012, 05:31 AM IST
LPG connection transfer made easy, expensive, jaipur news in English

jaipur news in English

Jaipur: Now, transferring a connection to your son’s or your relatives’ name will lead to supply of non-subsidised cylinders, which means it will cost you more.
Instead of simplifying the cumbersome process to make the transfer process quicker and simpler, the gas companies have planned to transfer such connections as non-subsidised, saying such transfer will be made immediately.
Notably, transfer of gas connections usually takes a lot of time. Gas agencies demand many documents and make the consumers wait for three weeks or even more.
However, the companies have found an opportunity to supply cylinders at market rate. The only solace for the consumers is that on a later duration after proper examination such non-subsidised connections will be made subsidised.
With this order of the companies, the agents will have to transfer the connections immediately but on non-subsidised basis.
“Consumers face a lot of problems in transfer of the gas connections. With this new order, they will be able to transfer the connections immediately on non-subsidised basis and after submitting KYC, they will get subsidised cylinders,” said Gurmeet Singh, regional coordinator of gas companies.
Sources said the agencies had until now resisted from transferring connections from one person to another. Therefore, there is a long list of documents which need to be submitted before the connections can be transferred.
But now, they have allowed transfer of gas connections while converting them into non-subsidised connections for the time being, charging the market rate from consumers until calculation is done to give them subsidised cylinders. 

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