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Mangalyan will send the pictures of planet Mars and other related data to India

  • Bhaskar News
  • Nov 07, 2013, 10:16 AM IST

Jaipur: The antenna of Mangalyan was designed and developed by Senior Scientist Alok Kumar Singhal (40), a resident of Jaipur. We will receive the images of planet Mars through this antenna. It took Singhal 7 months of time to make the antenna.


After pursuing M.tech in the year 2002 from MNIT, Singhal is currently working in Ahmedabad with Space Application Centre of ISRO. He told that there are three types of antenna in Mangalyan. The first one is low gain, second is medium gain and the third one is high gain antenna. He was responsible to design and develop the high gain antenna.


Singhal told that their task was to make a light weight antenna as it will be most efficient. So, for keeping it light weight, they used a sheet of aluminum, for the light weight in reflector, CFRP (Carbon fiber re-enforcement plastic) was used. Use of such materials in making of antenna led to more than 3 times lighter antenna. It is designed in a different type of band for the Mangalyan.




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