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Parking space rider goes for a toss in Jaipur

  • DNA
  • Aug 12, 2012, 05:38 AM IST

Jaipur: The Rajasthan high court had asked the state government to register the four-wheelers if the owner submits an affidavit that he has a parking space.

The regional transport office (RTO) has begun to comply with the order, but ‘blindly’.

The agency never took pain to crosscheck the details in affidavit to confirm if the owner actually has parking space. The officers are just doing a formality.

When contacted, RTO officers gave a strange logic behind their inaction. They reasoned the court just directed them to take the affidavits and not inspect the availability of parking space mentioned in affidavits. “We were asked to get the affidavits from the vehicle owners. The high court did not direct us to crosscheck the affidavit,” said RTO officer, requesting anonymity. Thus, the truth of the affidavits will not be checked ever. When asked about the benefits of the process, the officer said. “If anyone challenges the affidavit, only then we would go and inspect the availability of parking space and take a proper action.”

The court order will be of no use if the authorities blindly accept the affidavits and register four-wheelers. By ordering to take an affidavit, the high court wanted the authorities to ensure proper city management and less chaos on roads. And, there are no fights for parking among the neighbours, which is a common sight in the national capital.

The high court order came in force on May 1. Since then, around 6,000 four-wheelers (mostly cars) have been registered with affidavits (in May & June). In July, another thousand applicants were likely. But, if they actually have the space to park the vehicles, RTO has no idea.

Notably, the high court had expressed dissatisfaction over the congested roads, directing state government to register the four-wheelers when the owner gives guarantee of the parking space and submits an affidavit.


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