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State's first dental stem cell bank launched in Jaipur

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  • Nov 19, 2012, 11:53 AM IST
State's first dental stem cell bank launched in Jaipur, jaipur news in English

jaipur news in English

Jaipur: After Delhi and Mumbai, the first dental stem cell bank in Rajasthan has been opened in Santokba Durlabhji Hospital. Here, teeth samples of children in the age-group of 6-12 years and adults will be preserved for future requirements.

Upon requirement, the stem cells extracted from these samples can be utilized to treat incurable diseases like Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, cancer and many more. The center launched in collaboration with Stemade biotech will have at least eight trained dentists.

Procedure to extract the stem cell

Stem cells from teeth appear to replicate at a faster rate than stem cells from other tissues. The dentists at the centre will extract the teeth and after preservation in a gel-packed kit, will send it to the advanced laboratory in Chennai, wherein these cells will be conserved at a temperature of (-156 degrees). The tooth needs to have an intact blood supply and be free from infection and deep cavities. Stem cells may be recovered from patients who are middle aged, but the younger they are the better. Deciduous teeth or baby teeth may be the best source of stem cells.


According to Dr. Vijay,”The research studies on stem cells suggest that these cells can be used to treat rare disease like spinal cord injuries , Diabetes, chronical disease, baldness, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, bone marrow, cancer and Arthritis. Dr. Pradeep Jain, Principal of the Nano technology lab and dental stem cells mentioned that simila

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