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Why do engineering students fail or leave halfway?

  • Nishant Chhabra, DNA
  • Sep 16, 2012, 05:47 AM IST
Why do engineering students fail or leave halfway?, jaipur news in English

jaipur news in English

Why do engineering students fail or leave halfway?Jaipur: Almost half the students who take admission in engineering colleges across Rajasthan fail to graduate in the stipulated time of four years or quit half way through. This well-known fact is backed by a scarier reality — it’s the institutes and parents who are pushing this trend!

For the 2006-10 batch, only 8,500 of the nearly 15,000 enrolled students were awarded degrees. Similarly, for the 2007-11 batch, the number of students who were awarded degrees was just 7,800.

According to information provided by RTU, 40 to 50 per cent engineering students do not graduate with their batchmates, although they sign up for the course together. Majority of students quit the programme at the end of the first or second year itself as they find it difficult to clear all the exams.

“So many engineering colleges have opened across the state that they fail to hire competent faculty members, who are anyway in short supply. To make matters worse, every student who knocks on their doors is given admission simply to make money,” said the RTU official.

JECRC director Arpit Agarwal agrees with this. “Admission to an engineering college is not the big deal it used to be. Colleges are like shops now, if one won’t sell a product, someone else will,” Agarwal said.

Equating the higher education system to a business, the RTU official said that though institutes do make money off desperate students, it also the parents who are to be blamed.

“It is not the tag of being an engineer that gets freshers jobs, it is their skill,” Agarwal said lamenting that most parents pressurize their children into cracking IIT-JEE, when academically speaking the child does not have the caliber. “They should realistically evaluate their child’s potential and interest before pushing him/her into engineering,” he said.

When DNA queried about this low percentage of graduates, principal at RTU also attributed students’ failure, among other factors, to their tendency to take on more than they can tackle.

“Incompetent faculty members in colleges also play a major role, but it also depends on a student’s willingness and desire to complete the course. The course is tough and job-oriented, so only those students who are academically strong and are genuinely interested can pass,” said Prof RP Yadav, Vice-Chancellor of RTU.

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