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JNVU to introduce online examination forms by November 1

  • Bhaskar News
  • Oct 31, 2011, 00:49 AM IST
JNVU to introduce online examination forms by November 1, other cities news in English

other cities news in English

Jodhpur: The online examination forms of the Jai Narain Vyas University(JNVU) are to be introduced by November 1. The students will now be able to fill their respective examination forms online as per the prescribed date of submission. The examination forms will be available at www.jnvu.edu.in on November 1.

The students are prescribed to submit the online examination forms by November 30. The students will be charged with a fine of Rs 50 in case they fail to submit the forms by December 15. The university will double the amount of fine in relation to the late form submissions beyond December 15.

The students paying the fine will have to submit the prescribed amount along with a printout of the ‘challan’ in the university account at Bank of Baroda or ICICI bank in the state. The students may seek the printout of the ‘challan’ at the university website. The students are subjected to deposit the necessary documents including the ‘challan’ pay-in slip and copy of the form at the designated faculty in the university.

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