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5 ways to seduce a woman

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  • Nov 30, 2012, 11:09 AM IST
5 ways to seduce a woman, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Don’t you think there have been enough discussions on how a woman can seduce her man and seldom does someone bother to tell a man, how he can make his woman lose her mind? Well, if you’re truly looking forward to learning those simple moves for a hot seduction tonight, then, you’ve come to the most appropriate place!

It’s completely okay to go that extra far tonight, for it’s time that you make her want you, right?

Be confident and spontaneous
Women like their men to be confident, so remember, be at your bold best. If you’re fearing the outcome, she’ll gauge it instantly and there can’t be a bigger put off than a man who’s freaking out!

Go slow
Ensure that you don’t jump on her the moment you spot her. You’ll never be able to seduce her if you show desperation. Initiate some action and then leave it loose, this way, you’ll confuse her and she’ll keep wondering what exactly is playing on your mind and that’s precisely what you should be targeting. Start with caressing her and slowly withdraw and wait for to take the next step. Not sure, if she’ll even make a move, well, you be rest assured that she will, coz by initiating the seduction technique and then leaving it in the middle, you’ve proven to her that you’re not like other men who want to seduce her and she will definitely want to flow with the tide too.

Smart cues help
Women are sure to get the smart cues men send during seductions and key to classic seduction is indeed sending intelligent signals. Get close to her and look into her eyes with a look that says, “I want you right now!” Try holding her from the waist and massage her back with your hand, believe me, she’ll love these indications and would be left asking for more. 

Plant a peck on her lips
You think there’s still room for some fun? In that case, there can’t be anything better than a peck on her luscious lips. What a kiss can’t do is exactly what a soft peck on her lips will do. Once you’re done with sending signals and are sure of the fact that you’ve got her on board, slowly hold her head and pull her closer. Pause for a moment and then, drop a simple loving peck on her lips. Make sure that you don’t go overboard. Stop right there and if you’re lucky and have done it well then, she’ll surely kiss you back or might even ask you to kiss her. 

Make sex memorable
If things go according to what you’d planned, then you can’t afford to disappoint her in bed. Ensure that she gets the due of falling for your trap of seduction, so, the least you can do is keep up with her expectations and treating her with some awesome sex!

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