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Are you in love with two women?

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  • Nov 26, 2012, 18:12 PM IST
Are you in love with two women?, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Gone are the days, when an individual fell in love with the other, as now, we are living in the new age that follows the new ways of love and what's a common phenomenon these days is that of a person falling in love with more than one individual. The number can be two or even more. Hard to believe huh? Read on... 
Do you feel embarrassed about the fact that you love two girls dearly?? What's even more sad is that you just can't decide who to choose? Well, it's completely normal to feel affection towards two people at the same time but, you can't 'LOVE' two people equally if you're aware of what love truly means!
The problem in such cases is not about choosing between two women but, the real problem is whether or not the person feels real love for either of the two people he claims to love. A lot of such situations indicate that we are not actually in love with either. If you still can't decide between two women then it might mean that since both of these women satisfy a different need of yours, you've made a rather convenient situation for yourself and are having relationships of convenience with both. One woman might be fulfilling your emotional needs and the other might be looking after the sexual ones, or both may be satisfying both!
The bottom line is that since, a scenario like this is completely unacceptable socially, one needs to do a self introspection of sorts and try and fill up the empty spaces within oneself to ensure that he doesn't go out looking for people to fulfill his inner needs at the cost of their emotions.
People, who are part of such arrangements need to realise that they just can't be continuing in this fashion forever and there will be a day when they'll eventually have to come to a conclusion. So, why wait for long? Do it right away!

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