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Confession box: 'I dumped my friend for a man'

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  • Feb 23, 2013, 16:19 PM IST
Confession box: 'I dumped my friend for a man', relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Ever came across a 'friend' who left you and your friendship, when she got herself a steady boyfriend? If not, then here's a confession, which will shock you and spill the beans on how friendship has apparently lost its meaning for some people, while the world still celebrates Friendship's Day.

Aditi Desai (name changed), a 26-year-old computer professional actually left her best friend of twelve years for her boyfriend, only because her friend didn't approve of her boyfriend.

"Yes, I dumped my friend for a man, but then what's wrong in it. She wasn't happy at my happiness. It took me years to find the right guy and when I did, my best friend fumed at the development. So, I had no other option than part ways with her. If a friend is not happy in my happiness, then I can't
have her in my life," says Aditi.

When quizzed about how could she let her friend of years go without a healthy discussion, Aditi claims, "There was so much of confusion. I was mad at her for not liking the fact that I was finally committed. I didn't want a discussion and neither did she!"    

According to Aditi, her boyfriend was furious when he got to know that Aditi's friend was trying to brainwash her against him. "She used to tell me that I'll repent my decision because he's not a good guy, but we've been steady for five years now and I am glad I chose love over friendship."

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