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Cuddling and kissing might end your marriage!

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  • Feb 18, 2013, 11:01 AM IST
Cuddling and kissing might end your marriage!, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

Well, looks like affectionate behaviour could be an indicator that your partner is mad at you, an expert has claimed. According to a study ‘Understanding the Routine Expression of Deceptive Affection in Romantic Relationships' by co-author and relational communication expert Sean Horan, an assistant professor at DePaul University in the College of Communication, an individual might confuse deceptive affectionate behaviour with real affection.

As per Sean, Deceptive affection implies that an individual in a romantic relationship chooses to express affection he or she does not actually feel.

Horan, along with co-author Melanie Booth-Butterfield, a professor at West Virginia University, found that non-married individuals expressed deceptive affection as many as three times a week to romantic partners.

“Couples use deceptive affection because they feel negatively about their partner and want to save face, avoid embarrassing their partner or sidestep a situation that may land them in hot water,” Horan was quoted as saying.

As per Horan. examples of this kind of deception include lying about one’s own feelings or feelings about a partner and expressing affection instead of negative feelings.

One subject, who participated in the study claimed that she hugged and cuddled her partner, even though she was in a bad mood.
According to the study’s findings, couples use verbal and non-verbal affection in hopes that a sweet caress or profession of love will mask their true feelings.

At the same time, Horan insisted that this isn’t necessarily negative behavior. “Using affection to lie appears to be a regular activity in romantic relationships that most people don’t seem to mind,” he said.

“In fact, deceptive affection might actually help maintain a relationship,” he added.

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