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Decoded! 5 rules of love

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  • Nov 29, 2012, 13:23 PM IST
Decoded! 5 rules of love, relationships news in English

relationships news in English

And you thought there were no rules of love? Well, all of us would like to believe that for sure but, then, don’t we also like to play safe? Yes, we do and when it comes to love, we certainly don’t want to go wrong so, if you wanna know some distinct rules of love that are applicable in almost every relationship then, read on…
Command respect
Respect is bestowed upon an individual who deserves it and in order to gain respect, you must be worthy enough to command it. Since, respect is a give and take thing, ensure that you give as much respect in return.
The line shouldn’t be crossed
There’s a thin line in every relationship that deserves to be respected and one shouldn’t cross it. Similarly, in a love relationship, one partner can’t be taking the other for granted and invading that line of understanding to create havoc in the relationship.
Forgive and forget
One of the most basic rules of love is to be forgiving, understanding and merciful. At times, we hit a roadblock in the journey of love and that’s certainly a testing period which expects everything but, constant pricking and poking. When in love, one must learn to forgive and forget little things, for these very little things, if not dealt with on time, might take a bigger form eventually.
Keep 'private', private
Ensure that you never enter into a discussion of personal, private or intimate issues in public. Private matters should be dealt with privately.
Add a personal touch
Falling in love is not like a cliché romantic flick. You can’t be imitating Bollywood actors to make an impression on your loved one, it’s always better to some personal touch in your relationship which makes your love for your beloved unique. Do something romantic every day. Show your love. Love needs reinforcement and the little things that you do everyday will surely provide your lover with an ultimate contentment and will heighten his/her trust in you and your love.


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